• Training Yearbook 2014 in Barcelona

    Training Yearbook 2014 in Barcelona

    Now available Yearbook 2014 Vocational Training: Training and Labour Market in Barcelona so it can be downloaded.

  • 6th Edition Awards FPemprèn

    6th Edition Awards FPemprèn

    Awards for best business projects created by students from vocational training institutes and vocational training centers in Barcelona.



    Erasmus+ enables 100 students from vocational Barcelona can make stays in companies of different cities of the European Union.

  • Presentation of the Impact of Mobility International.

    Presentation of the Impact of Mobility International.

    Wednesday 3 June at Sala undertakes Barcelona Activa

  • Projects in 2015

    Projects in 2015

    List of projects to be developed during 2015 in the areas of Observatory FP and Business and International Relations and European Projects

  • PE 12-15

    PE 12-15

    Strategic Plan BCN Vocational Training Foundation for the 2012-2015 period based on the strategic and operational objectives of the Foundation.

  • Guia FP 2015-2016

    Guia FP 2015-2016

    Relationship FP centers in Barcelona and the range of titles that can be studied in the city. The guide also provides employment rate for families and careers related to each title.

  • Emerging Energy Sectors

    Emerging Energy Sectors

    The study constitutes a quantitative analysis of the sector and figures on vocational training, some teachers and employers qualitative and scope of recommendations and actions at specific and systemic.


FP GUIDE 2015-2016

Programme of professional studies in Barcelona.


You are studying a training cycle? Here you will find everything you need!


Information centers


Want to have of FP students interns in your company?

FP Observatory

Main indicators of Vocational Training




Pla de mesures Innovació a l'FP
Monday, 16 November 2015
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Suport a projectes innovadors de Formació Professional     El projecte d’innovació a l’FP de la Fundació té com a objecte donar suport i impulsar, a través de la concessió d’ajuts econòmics, entorns, metodologies d’aprenentatge i actuacions docents que fomentin experiències innovadores.

Anuari de la Formació Professional
Monday, 19 October 2015
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Anuari de la Formació Professional a Barcelona: Mercat de treball i Formació Professional a Barcelona L'anuari de la FP és una publicació anual on es recull i estudia els principals indicadors de l'FP a Barcelona des de l'anàlisis de les dades del mercat de treball i la demanda de formació professional inicial i per a l'ocupació. Es pot accedir al recull de tots els anuaris publicats fins [ ... ]

Port Innova
Tuesday, 22 September 2015
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  The Fundació BCN Formació Professional collaborates on the project Port Innova, driven by Induct and Port de Barcelona-Port 2000, collaborates on the project  




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