Introducing our basic VET students project: Professional practices in the EU network FP are intended to improve employability and prevent the decoupling of the education system of young PFI students, and are a step forward in the internationalisation of training and integration programmes in our country. The project is based on an updated analysis of the common needs of FP centres that make up the Consorci promoter of the initiative, and of the willingness of all of them to start offering more inclusive mobility opportunities for their basic VET students.

The project includes 3 15-day group mobility for a total of 32 PFI students, in the cities of Lisbon, Portugal, Munich, Germany, and Toulouse, France. Mobility will take place throughout May 2022:

– Munich (1st and 2nd week of May): 10 students + 2 companions

– Lisbon (2nd and 3rd week of May): 11 students + 2 companions

– Toulouse (3rd and 4th week of May): 11 students + 2 companions

The project is aimed at young people with fewer opportunities, with obstacles for social, educational and cultural reasons that make access to the labour market difficult.

The specific objectives of the project are:

-Facilitate the development of basic, transverse, technical and professional skills among the PFI students.

-Facilitate the development of linguistic skills in English or French among PFI students.

– Give basic VET students project students more work experience within the professional sector of their studies.

-Press the feeling of belonging to the European Union among the basic VET students project student.

Enforce the self-worth and motivation of basic VET students project students to encourage their transition to the Initial PF.

– Accompanies and trains the basic VET students project students in decision making on the educational and/or professional path they want to take.

– To make VET centres more compatible with new tools, methods and content so that in the medium term they start to promote their own mobility projects for students.

– Strengthening management capabilities of basic VET students management teams and cross-border cooperation of VET centres.

– Strengthening the national and international partnership of VET Network.

The expected results are:

– Deposing young professional people with greater employability, facilitating their integration into the labour market.

-Disposing young professional people with more motivation and self-confidence to face the transition to the Initial VET.

-Disposing VET centres sensitized and empowered to boost their own PFI students mobility projects.