Xarxa FP is a European association that brings together 33 cities in 15 European countries with the aim of fostering and enhancing the internationalization of students, teachers and graduates of professional training. The network was created in 1999 and Barcelona runs its Secretariat since its foundation.

The member cities are the main host of students, teachers and graduates sent by BCN Vocational Education and Training Foundation. During 2018, Barcelona sent 100 students and graduates to companies located in member cities of the Xarxa FP and 42 teachers participated in international exchange placements. In addition, BCN Vocational Education and Training Foundation welcomed to Barcelona 146 international students from member cities of the network and 57 teachers.

Through the Xarxa FP, the Foundation also participates and promotes European innovation projects and exchange of good practices.

Currently ongoing projects:

  • The Industrial VET Hub project aims to establish an international partnership that promotes the exchange of good practices related to “skills mismatch” and “gender gap” in the industrial sector.
  • The Port VET Hub project aims to establish a transnational partnership between port companies and Vocational Education and Training centers to promote and adapt the offer of VET studies to port specializations according to the new trends of the port sector in Europe.
  • Logistics VET Hub: a cooperation partnership to exchange good practices on VET logistics specializations in line with the professional profiles, skills, needs and trends of the logistic sector in Europe, and to make recommendations to address the improvement of quality and innovation of the European VET systems for logistics field of specialization.