The SINGULAR group mobility project, promoted by the Fundació BCN Formació Professional, aims to improve and promote the employability of young graduates in vocational training through:

  • A linguistic training in German language (from level 0 to level B1).
  • 5 visits to companies from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.
  • 10 social, cultural and civic activities.
  • 1 individual tutoring per month.
  • 6-week professional internship program in Lower Saxony (Germany).
  • Training and apprenticeship contract of about 12 months with a German company in Lower Saxony.
  • Homologation of the Catalan VET diploma in Germany.

Who can participate?

  1. Young people who meet the requirements of the Youth Guarantee program (aged between 18 and 29, registered as a job seeker in the SOC and not studying at the time the project begins).
  2. Young people with EU nationality.
  3. Young graduates in one of the following vocational training cycles (intermediate or superior):

Commerce and marketing

  • Initial VET degree in Commercial Activities
  • Initial VET degree in Transport and Logistics Management

Building and civil work

  • Initial VET degree in Construction
  • Initial VET degree in Interior Work, Decoration and Rehabilitation
  • Higher VET degree in Civil Works Projects

Electricity and electronics

  • Initial VET degree in Electrical and Automatic Installations
  • Initial VET degree in in Telecommunications Installations
  • Higher VET degree in Automation and Industrial Robotics
  • Higher VET degree in Telecommunications and Computer Systems
  • Higher VET degree in Electronic Maintenance
  • Higher VET degree in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems

Energy and Water

  • Higher VET degree in Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Energy

Mechanical Manufacturing

  • Initial VET degree in Mechanization
  • Initial VET degree in Welding and Boilermaking
  • Initial VET degree in Metallic Constructions

Wood, furniture and cork

  • Carpentry and Furniture Technician

Hotel and tourism

  • Initial VET degree in Cooking and Gastronomy
  • Initial VET degree in Kitchen Management

Food industries

  • Initial VET degree in Food Products
  • Initial VET degree in Pastry and Confectionery

Information technology and communications

  • Initial VET degree in Microcomputer Systems and Network
  • Initial VET degree in Network Computer Systems Administration
  • Higher VET degree in Multiplatform Applications Development
  • Higher VET degree in Web Applications Development

Installation and maintenance

  • Initial VET degree in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Installations
  • Initial VET degree in Heat Production Installations
  • Initial VET degree in Electromechanical Maintenance
  • Higher VET degree in Thermal and Fluids Installations Project Development
  • Higher VET degree in Industrial Mechatronics


  • Higher VET degree in Prosthetic Audiology
  • Higher VET degree in Dental Prosthesis

Socio-cultural and community services

  • Initial VET degree in Early Childhood Education

Transportation and maintenance of vehicles

  • Initial VET degree in Electromechanics of Automotive Vehicles
  • Higher VET degree in Automotive

Project’s calendar 

The project is currently pending approval.

Fundació BCN Formació Professional organizes several message sending throughout the year. If you want to participate in the project, sign up to the pool of interested people and we will contact you when we open a new call.

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