The Government of the Generalitat is promoting an institutional campaign to inform everyone, as well as all work and training centers, of the importance of the accreditation of competencies.

It is the opportunity to obtain official accreditation by demonstrating what the user is capable of doing, based on professional experience or training which is not officially recognized.

Users have to participate in a series of interviews, preferably virtual, in which they must demonstrate professional competencies that constitute part of a professional certificate or degree.

If the person demonstrates that he/she has acquired the units of competence, he/she obtains an official certification that allows validating and completing the training of a Professional Certificate or Vocational Training Degree.

Obtaining an accreditation certificate facilitates professional and personal development, improving the curriculum and the chances of finding a job. In addition, when the procedure is completed, the user receives guidance on the training itinerary to follow.

From 2022, accreditation will be a regular and stable service, and citizens will be able to register for free, 365 days a year, for all professional competencies included in professional certificates and vocational training degrees offered in Catalonia.

Updated information on this new service will be posted on The more people accredit their professional competencies, the stronger the FPCAT System will become.