The BCN Vocational and Education Training Foundation has organised and carried out four international mobilities for companies, VET centers and institutions, with the aim of getting a better understanding of the vocational training system in other countries (Germany, Canada, Finland and the Netherlands).

In the first mobility, teachers and educational professionals in the field of logistics visited the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Training and the Port of Hamburg in Germany.

In the second mobility, the Foundation visited the MBO Raad Institute to learn about the vocational training system in the Netherlands.

The third mobility was the first one outside the European Union, where Núria Varella, Training in Working Centers tutor at the Costume and Spectacle Cycle at the Anna Gironella Mundet Institute, spent a stay to meet the VET in Montreal, Canada; a mobility that is useful to prepare the same mobility but for students next year.

The fourth mobility was in Finland, Espoo, accompanying a mobility of Barcelona management teams. We have visited Omnia, it is a wonderful opportunity to establish synergies!

The main aim of the stay is to learn about the Finnish education and vocational training system and, specifically, the innovative ecosystem of a European Vocational Training Centre: Omnia. We have known Omnia’s management, strategy and leadership model as a centre of vocational excellence, and how they connect with other companies. We have also been to Omnia Makerspace, an innovation and digitization space for Omnia students within the Aalto University precinct.

We thank the different centers and institutions for their cooperation in these international mobilities.