At first it spoke about the implementation of the Dual VET. In general terms, we need to work with companies to advise them on the incorporation of Dual students into the company. We need to work hard to be able to speed up the implementation of Dual VET.

The benefits of Dual VET were also discussed, such as the adapting to the real needs of companies, a better preparation in the truly essential skills of the profession, knowledge of the real working environment and a holistic vision of the company’s activity.

The third block dealt with international mobility: knowledge of different working techniques and methodologies or useful alternatives to apply once the students come back. In terms of student mobility, the Dual prepares them better to respond to new or in constant change working environments.

The fourth and final block was dealing with the benefits of Dual VET; we need an agreement between companies and educational centers to facilitate its implementation. On issues of agreements, timetables, rotation within the same company or in others…