Economic sectors and VET in the AMB. Sector: Logistics

The BCN Professional VET Foundation prepares the studies “Emerging economic sectors and vocational training in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona”. These publications develop an economic and labor market analysis linked to emerging sectors. In addition, they analyze what their training needs are based on a close work with the associated productive fabric. Expert people and entities from the training field and the sector participate in its realization.

The eleventh edition of the collection “Emerging economic sectors and professional training in the RMB” is dedicated to the logistics sector. The objective is to assess the adequacy of the vocational training offer to the transformations and trends of the main occupations in the logistics sector. Based on the results of the analysis between the training content of the professional training offer linked to logistics and the professional skills required by the logistics market, a series of lines of action have been proposed to adapt and improve the response of the vocational training system to the requirements of the sector.

Download in Catalan the study and infographics and in Spanish the executive summary: