Last Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024, we presented the new study from our VET observatory entitled “Youth Unemployment Among 16-24 Year Olds Without Post-Compulsory Studies” in the Sala d’Actes del Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya.

In the middle of a scenario where 28.5% of young people in Barcelona are at the crossroads between unemployment and the absence of studies. 17.7% of young people in the city who are not working or studying have post-compulsory education, while 10.87% have not completed the compulsory secondary education (ESO). The study aims to measure and identify the location of the young NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) population. It will analyze their sociodemographic characteristics, identify occupations and activities that are in high demand and suitable for these young people, and explore their perception of these occupations. Additionally, the study will incorporate the perspective of third sector entities.

Finally, it provides recommendations to improve employment outcomes for this population group. Francesc Castellana, president of the Economic Council of Barcelona, inaugurated the presentation ceremony where Javier Gracia, a researcher at the BCN VET Foundation, and Ángel Tarriño, coordinator of the Observatory of the BCN VET Foundation presented the study. The session included the contributions of the most representative social and economic agents in Catalonia. The session was attended by union members Lucia Aliaga and Laura Bonet, as well as representatives from PIMEC and FTN, Victoria Moreno and Manuel Rosillo respectively.

You can find it here: