Meeting of the Foundation Board of Trustees

On April 8th, the Foundation Board of Trustees held a meeting at the assembly hall of the IMEB. The main item on the agenda was the unanimous approval of the 2023 annual accounts. During the session, the Board reviewed the first quarter of 2024 and engaged in a discussion on the current state of vocational training, particularly with regards to dual vocational training. The new VET law requires dual vocational training to be extended to all VET, and this was a topic of significant discussion. Additionally, the Board also discussed the logistics involved with international mobility.

Monographic on Dual VET and the role of public administrations

What measures can local administrations take to encourage the implementation of Dual VET in their area?

The Educaweb portal has recently published a monograph on the subject of Dual VET. We have contributed with an article that discusses the role of local public administrations in creating an ecosystem that supports Dual VET in their region.

Over time, these administrations have become increasingly important in the development of Dual VET, and have the potential to be a valuable partner in this field.

We invite you to read our article, and to explore the report in which it is featured. This monograph contains a range of interesting interviews and opinions on the subject of Dual VET. It is definitely worth a read if you are interested in this topic:

Meeting of the Barcelona City Council’s Dual VET Subcommittee

The Subcommittee on Dual VET of Barcelona City Council is composed of representatives from the Barcelona City Council, the Department of Education, the BCN VET Foundation, and the Barcelona Education Consortium. The subcommittee is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the City Council’s Dual Vocational Training Program, which serves as a training company. The 2023-24 academic year has almost 300 spots, with a budget of 1,171,780 euros. The aim is to provide students with hands-on experience in the organization and a better understanding of how the Public Administration works. There are 22 professional profiles available for students, with a total of 207 women and 77 men enrolled so far.

This project is a clear commitment to Dual VET as a generator of quality employment.

Women Pioneers Day

The BCN VET Foundation is collaborating with Barcelona Activa to celebrate International Women’s Day with the event called “Discover the Professional Path of Pioneering Women in Challenging Sectors“.

It aims to showcase how women from different generations are breaking into traditionally male-dominated fields such as construction, aeronautics, and maritime.

The event is an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences and help build a more equitable future for the next generation.

The event will take place on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, from 4 pm to 6 pm. (16h a 18h)
Prior registration is required:–

Presentation of the General Prospective Report

On February 26th, the General Report of Prospective of Catalonia was presented at the headquarters of the Public Agency for Vocational Training and Qualification of Catalonia. This report is designed to guide the planning of basic services in the FPCAT system on a quadrennial basis. The aim of this planning is to increase the competitiveness of the productive fabric, enhance the qualifications of individuals, and create more and better employment opportunities that promote integration and stability for working people.

The planning process will be integrated, evidence-based, inclusive and gender-based, providing a general framework for the FPCAT sectors that will enable more focused work in the territory.

VET Prospective General Report

We recently attended the presentation of the General Prospective Report for 2023-2026 by the Catalonia Agency for VET. The report was presented by Fabian Mohedano and serves as a fundamental tool for the planning and development of Vocational Training in Catalonia.

As part of our efforts to contribute to the VET system in the country, our VET Observatory will continue playing a vital role in providing regional insights and support to the system.

International. ERASMUS2024 GENERATION.

Over 120 intermediate and higher-level training cycle students from 59 centers in Barcelona, the metropolitan area of Barcelona, and Mataró have been selected to participate in international internships at companies located in various cities of the Xarxa FP. Congratulations to the students who have been chosen for this opportunity, and to the educational centers that have participated.

New phase of the EU Water Challenge.

Together with Xarxa FP, we are currently in Viborg where the three teams of the EU Water Challenge are working on their prototypes with the help of experts in 3D printing and prototyping, the projects are shaping up to be able to test them.

Visited the Government of Catalonia delegate in Barcelona and participated in the Territorial Table of Vocational Training of the Vegueria of Barcelona.

On February 22, the BCN Vocational Training Foundation participated in a session with social agents and territorial services of Barcelona of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The session focused on the situation of special regime teachings by the Coordinator of Art and Design Schools of Catalonia, as well as the presentation of the Professional and Prospective Training map by the Department of Education. Both topics are particularly important in the territorially agreed planning strategy of the VET training offer in the Vegueria territory.

This participation stems from a visit by the Foundation to the delegate of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia in Barcelona, Mr. Joan Borràs i Albaroch. He has identified vocational training as one of the priority areas of work for the delegation and has included the BCN VET Foundation as a participant in the specific group that focuses on vocational training in the Vegueria region of Barcelona.

Xarxa FP: Intercultural Workshop

On February 21st, Xarxa FP conducted the second intercultural workshop of the international project with PFI. The workshop covered conflict resolution, assertive communication, and self-awareness. It was a success!