VET and Industrial construction meeting

The Foundation, and within the framework of the VET and Industrial construction Table 4.0, we have organised a conference with the Industrialized Construction Cluster of Catalonia (CCiC) and the “Escola del Treball”, aimed at the teachers of centers and entities that provide VET of Construction and Civil Works, Wood, Installations, Electricity, Mechanics and Design.

The conference took place on Thursday 29 from 10 to 12 in the Carmelo Gómez conference hall of “L’Institut Escola del Treball” of Barcelona.

The BCN Vocational and Education Training Foundation has proposed the basics of the new Sectoral Study of Sustainable Construction in the AMB VET sector that we are working on from the Observatory. We have also presented the Industrialized Construction Cluster of Catalonia, in charge of Pere Armora, President of CCiC, and Ignasi Pérez Arnal, Vice-President and CEO BIM Academy.

The Closing Act of the YEP MED Project

We have seen the closing act of the YEP MED project, led by the Escola Europa and the Port of Barcelona, and with the support of the BCN Vocational and Education Training Foundation . One of the final results of the project has been the preparation of the report Update of the the professional profiles of the Barcelona port community.

The project, promoted by several Mediterranean cities and VET centers, has generated new training itineraries, in collaboration with Barcelona Activa, and has had a high level of success in participation and insertion.

Our “Entrepreneurship Night” recognises the excellence of VET innovation projects from Barcelona and AMB.

Today, the “Entrepreneurship Night” 2023 took place, celebrating the 14th edition of the FPempren Awards and the 5th edition of the FPconsolida. It has been a night full of recognition and inspiration for young entrepreneurs in vocational training. The event, organised by the BCN FP Foundation with the support of the Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, has featured prominent representatives of the field and personalities of the education and entrepreneurship world.

The inauguration ceremony started with Sara Berbel, president of the BCN Vocational and Education Training Foundation, Fabian Mohedano, executive president of the Professional Qualification and Training Agency of Catalonia, María Truñó, Education Commissioner of Barcelona City Council, and Montse Ballarín, vice president of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

During the event, two witnesses of entrepreneurship success have been presented: the experience of Marc Almeda, founder and CEO of WePrefereat, and the experience of the Provençana Institute of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, by Paco Sánchez, who has presented the nursery of companies that they developed on the centre itself. For this initiative, Marta Carrió, president of Netmentora Catalunya, and Anna Simó, Minister of Education of the Government of Catalonia, have presented the fifth FPConsolida Award to the Institut Provençana.

The awards were presented with 10 awards categories, according to the best-targeted project in terms of its coherence, feasibility, consistency and the added value that it brings to the sector in particular. The award centers of this 14th edition have been:

1.Energy and Environment Award

CFGM – La Salle Barceloneta- Barcelona

Marc Galofré, Sami Bouazzaten, Beatriz Díaz and Ulises Aitor

Tutored by Núria Funollet

CFGS – Institut FP Sant Cugat

Fàtima Tachrift, Mojie Lin, Paula Mónica López and Zumar Zulfiqar

Tutored by Olga Oliver

2. Health and Care of People Award

CFGM – Escola Solc Nou Barcelona

Silvia Enríquez, Ikram El Abbassi, Raissa Nicole Chávez and Laura Vico

Tutored by Neus Boncompte and Cristina Moll 

CFGS – Escola Pia Nostra Senyora-Barcelona

Nerea Galán, Meritxell Guerrero, Helena Iglesias, Eduard Salvadó and Martina Villar

Tutored by Marc Rodríguez.

3. Oci and Welfare Award

CFGS – Escola d’Hoteleria i Turisme CETT-Barcelona

Marta Ferrer, Jiasheng Fang, Arnau Jordà, Qi Wang and Jingyu Li 

Tutored by Sylvia Puigdemasa

4. Education and Culture Award

CFGM – La Salle Barceloneta-Barcelona

Camilo Botero and Africa Camprubi

Tutored by Núria Funollet

CFGS – Institut Salvador Seguí-Barcelona

Nerea Quixal, Carlota Nin, María González and Claudia Rodríguez 

Tutored by Elena Mayordomo

5. Intelligent Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Award

CFGS – CEIR ARCO Villarroel-Barcelona

Alba Edo and Sara Roso 

Tutored by Sarai López

6. Social and Solidarity Economy Award

CFGM – Institut Bernat el Ferrer Molins de Rei

Alejandro Taxonera, Sergio Ausach and Ignacio Estévez

Tutored by Mª José Medina

CFGS – Institut Pedraforca Hospitalet de Llobregat

Irene Ramírez, Rafael Borreguero and Joan Vigo

Tutored by Roger Romero

CFGS – Institut Esteve Terradas i Illa Cornellà de Llobregat

Propelled by the students of the upper degree cycles of Administration and Finance and Assistance to the Management

tutors Rafael Segura, Carla Bertolin and Gerard Garcia and the director of the center Olga Quesada.

7. Secondary Award to best commercial proposal

Institut Bernat el Ferrer Molins de Rei

Fabian Doizi and Rubén Jordán

Tutored by Mª José Medina

8. FPempren Prize for Women’s Talent

CFGM – Centre López Vicuña Barcelona

Núria Oliveras, Melisa García and Blanca Camuñas

Tutored by Montse Piera

CFGS – Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals EMAV-Barcelona

Marta La Parra and Júlia Llamas 

Tutored by Ona Vega

9. ICIL Award – Logistic Management

CFGS – Prat Educació- Barcelona

Pau Guiu, Irene Sierra, Ignacio Moyano and Abdelaziz Hachi

Tutored by Albert Baile

10. Entrepreneur Award

CFGM – Institut El Palau de Sant Andreu de la Barca

Judith Ramos

Tutored by Francesc Roca

CFGS – Escola Pia Nostra Senyora- Barcelona

Núria Anguera, Oriol Garcia, Alejandro Mora and Laura Ruiz 

Tutored by Aina Surroca

CFGS – Escola Santíssima Trinitat Barcelona

Carlos Jané, Carlos Hernández and Marian Taouil 

Tutored by Julio Llorente

Eventually, the event was closed by Anna Simó, Minister of Education of the Government of Catalonia, thanking all participants and parties involved for their collaboration in this “Entrepreneurship Night” 2023.

The BCN Vocational and Education Training Foundation is committed to promoting entrepreneurial skills between the VET students through this public display, recognizing the best entrepreneurial VET projects in Barcelona and AMB.

Professional technical conference in Barcelona Activa

The BCN Vocational and Education Training Foundation has participated in the 7th edition of the professional orientation days, on June 15, which took place in the Auditorium of the Central Headquarters of Barcelona Activa and in streaming on their Youtube channel.

This technical conference is organised annually and is aimed at technicians , coordinators and heads of entities that are part of projects and guidance services, as well as professionals from the education world and human resources.

This year, the goal was promoting quality employment, and our intervention was focused on talking about professional opportunities, where we presented tools and resources for professionals, and we were able to discuss and reflect on future trends in the labour market.

15 years of the Cercle d’Economia Foundation Education Award

On June 26, a tribute was paid to Vicenç Oller, former president of the Cercle and the Cercle d’Economia Foundation, who played a pivotal role in the creation of the Education Award, which celebrated its 15th anniversary. The award-winning schools from all those years were invited, and the innovative projects of the educational centers of Catalonia were given visibility.

During these years, the Education Award has been established as one of the most prestigious and recognised awards in the field of education in Catalonia. It has an award category for a Vocational Training Center. The Foundation participates in the jury.

We held a meeting about public-private partnership and territory: a strategy for sustainable economic development

On June 13, in Palau Macaya and within the framework of the Industrial Pact Training Commission, a conference was held to show an X-ray of the current situation of the VET and to analyse the professional profiles and future VET, based on some of the most recent contributions of various experts and the reports of CaixaBank Dualitza.

The role of public-private partnership as a key factor in boosting the local economy and in people’s professional development was discussed. The Foundation participated in the Round Table and was able to discuss the impact of the territory with various agents of the VET ecosystem.

Introduction of the BCN Port Innovation Foundation

On June 9, at the Caixafòrum, we attended the presentation of the BCN Port Innovation Foundation. This Foundation wants to turn Barcelona into a smart international reference port beyond the sea: a sustainable, multimodal, agile, resilient and transparent port.

Barcelona Port Innovation will actively contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the port, where vocational training also plays an important role in providing part of the necessary professional profiles.

4th KA2 Logistics VET Hub project meeting in Finland

On the 8th and 9th of June, the European partners of the Logistic VET Hub project met in Kuopio for the 4th follow-up meeting of the project, organised by Savon ammattiopisto Sakky.

We had the opportunity to meet and discuss the main good practices identified so far and to launch the latest work package of the project, in which strategic recommendations will be developed to encourage vocational training in the logistics sector throughout Europe.

In addition, we have continued to organise the next international training period aimed at 21 VET logistics students from various centers of Barcelona and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Tartu (Estonia), Lisbon (Portugal), Groningen (the Netherlands), Kuopio and Rovaniemi (Finland) and Skelleftea (Sweden), which will take place in Tartu from the 10th to the 15th of September in order to learn about Estonia’s global logistics sector.

You can find the resolution of the participant selection process here.
Next October we will be holding the final act of the project, which will announce the main results and the most significant international good practices.

Awards of the MetropolisFPlab 5th edition

We have held the award ceremony for the finale of MetropolisFPLab. In this 5th edition, we broke the record of participants: 13 companies, more than 40 centres, more than 360 teams and more than 1400 students. At the final ceremony of the prizes, held at the Provençana Institute from l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, more than 120 people attended, a success! 
It is a project that is constantly growing, increasingly and more innovative, including more sectors, more companies and more centres. It has been a great satisfaction to see the enthusiasm with which all parties participate and experience the project. Again, an undoubted demonstration of the talent in the VET. Compliments to all participants, and congratulations to the winners of this edition.

The winners of the MetropolisFPlab edition are:

1MesoesteticHow can we find solutions to reduce the digital divide of our workers against new automatic production lines?Arnau CasanovaDAWtomaticos (Escola del Treball)Barcelona3Sergio Hortas Lijó

Adrián Vico

Aaron Belayni Moreno
Dani Triano
2ArquimaHow could we make better use of the different types of wooden waste to have a greater economic performance?Alan GutiérrezProvenworks (Ins Provençana)Hospitalet de Llobregat3Iván Romero

David Llusà

Darwin Padilla
Paco Sánchez
3Audens FoodHow could we make a second use of the left over flour from the production processes in order to use it in the current value chain?Beatriz Sotorrío

Jaume Montes
Pequeño ayudante de santa claus (Ins Severo Ochoa)Esplugues de Llobregat5Alex Dorador

Pere Homero Marmol

Mireia García

Judith Mena

Yesenia Salazar
Maria Martínez
4Marina Barcelona 92How can we create a system that centralizes demands for the use of the dron, defines the routes that it has to go through, and that sorts the waste that it collects?Marc HervásMAOA (Ins La Ferreria)Montcada i Reixac4Marc Barrio

Andrés Criado

Alex Buenaventura

Óscar Rivera
Susana Pérez
5Aigües de BarcelonaHow can we reduce water consumption and ensure good supply in all areas in order to deal with drought?Pere VergerNew Wave (Escola del Treball)Barcelona3Andru Colque García

Shariel Estremadoiro Gongora

Estefany huanca martinez
Enric Garcia

Mercè Camarassa
6Port de BarcelonaHow can we rethink the “Port Vell” (Old Port) public spaces for them to be more environmentally sustainable considering climate change and the energy crisis?Javier RomoARQUA (Ins Provençana)Hospitalet de Llobregat4Nerea Ortega

Marc Villegas

Christian Yacila

Luis Steven Sanguña
Paco Sánchez
7Pla Estratègic Metropolità (PEMB)How can we get young people to know and interact with other parts of the Barcelona metropolitan area that are not in their neighbourhood or city?Lluïsa GuàrdiaEQUIP 8 TARDA (Ins Poblenou)Barcelona3Nadine Alonso

Irene Perez Planells

Paula Canongia Mejía
Ana Martínez
8Hospital del MarHow could we apply e-health tools to reduce the incidences that appear during the maneuvers of an in-hospital cardiorespiratory arrest?Cristina Campà

Laia Lacueva
D.A.D.C (Ins Bonanova)Barcelona4Chainaz Lahboub

Daihana Insaurrlde

Alba Sánchez

Dure Shahwar
Àlex Monnà
9Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZF)How can we succeed in attracting female talent to the industrial sector?Raquel GarciaMariners (Prat Educació)Barcelona4Arnau Sanchez Mas

Juan Manuel Restrepo

Daniel Arranz Manchón

Mireia Batista
Sònia Menéndez
10Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaHow can we improve digitization in the management of Circuit spaces (such as hospitality spaces, boxing track rentals, parking spaces, etc.)?Erica MandomeInclusive Gas (EMT Granollers)Granollers4Pol Galvez

Marc Alcaide

Youssef N’sairi

Joan Morales
Eva Tàpia
11Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)How can we improve TMB communication when there are cuts of service on subway lines to make people know the reasons and the possible alternatives?Bernat Fernandez

Jesús Alegre
Creative User (Escola del Treball)Barcelona3Raúl Domínguez

Helen Anaïs Gualli

Daniela Chirinos
Alex Sànchez

Cecilia Sales
12Consorci Sanitari del MaresmeHow could we improve the experience of patients in health center rooms to bring more value to the wait they have to carry out?Jana Cela

Rosa Monteis
Napal (Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu)Sant Boi de Llobregat3Alexia Alvarez i Martin

Naiara Goñi

Paula Redondo
María Montes

Professional Training Council and Barcelona City Council

On June 6, the Professional Training Council and the Barcelona City Council discussed the current situation of educational policies in the city in the last Plenary of the course and the municipal mandate.

With this joint event of the two Councils, held at the Milà i Fontanals Institue, the aim was to create a space for collective discussion and reflexion of the educational community and the ecosystem of the Barcelona VET on the current state of the city’s educational policies.

For this reason, the report of Educational Opportunities of Barcelona 2022, the fourth biennial research edition produced by the Metròpoli Institute, was publicly presented. This report analyses the situation of education in the city of Barcelona, paying particular attention to educational inequalities.

The Foundation holds the third vice presidency of the VET Council and actively participates in all activities.