The Internationalisation of VET Education will also innovate

The Foundation BCN Professional Training, together with the European Mesh of FP, UPC and the address and some companies of the Port of Barcelona took part in the “Congress of the Americas on International Nurture” (CAEI), celebrated in Bogota of the 23 at the October 25, 2019, where presented the educational Hub of the Port of Barcelona as a example of good practices at superior nurture. This event gave us the opportunity to deepen at the internationalisation of the FP further of Europa, so much for the mobility of students and professorship, how for the conjoint development of projects of ken and innovation.

At this sense it is necessary to excel a possible road of collaboration with SENATI, the technical institution of more professional training big of the Peru that achieves three levels of training: operative technician, technical professional and technological professional and fosters the dual learning. This institution forms in addition to 90,000 students by the year at more of 70 technical careers endorsed by a National Committee composed by representatives of the most important industries of the country. Our contacts with this organism have permitted us establish the guidelines to sign a Memorandum of Entente with distinct lines of collaboration.

The virtualitat as a ongoing strategic line and future of collaboration that the new requirements of work created by the Covid 19 have speeded makes that projects like Metropoles FP Lab, companies simulated (together with Foundation Inform) or the good practices of the Hubs of ken have at this context an opportunity renewed

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Creation of a Bank of Good practices and a guide of Prospectiva of VET in Catalonia

Catalonia’s VET Council has commissioned BCN Vocational Training Foundation to prepare a document or resources bank of VET good practices. This document seeks to become a guide for the VET sector and will be implemented by the Catalan VET Council throughout Catalonia.

For preparing this guide or prospecting report model within the framework of the priorities for the promotion of the Vocational Education and Training and Qualification System – VETCAT System- we wish to highlight the following main objectives: a) establish a quality control of the resources for prospecting professional training and qualification needs, b) define quality, methodological and formal standards, c) collect opinions from experts and recipients to optimize the design and development of the guide.

Likewise, we will carry out a wide dissemination task to publicize the guide and the prospecting report model.

Guide your future

The COVID-19 impact on health and the economy will change the occupational map

and will force many to reinvent themselves and change the focus of their professional itinerary.

It is a good time to acquire new practical and flexible skills conducive to widen our professional goals. VET educating can offer us those skills.

VET (initial, continuous and occupational) will become central for sectors such as logistics and distribution, e-commerce, technology and the digital world, industry, research and social and health services.

Find the offer for this training at:

Map of Training and Occupational Resources in Barcelona

VET Guide to BCN and BCN Metropolitan Area:

What to study in Catalonia

Novetats premis FP Emprèn

11a edition of the Prizes FPemprèn

We start de 11a edition of the Prizes FPemprèn, addressed at the students of FP of half grade and superior grade of the city of Barcelona and his Metropolitan Area, and furthered by the Foundation BCN Professional Formation with the support of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and of Social Business City Barcelona.

In this way, tracking the structure of a business project, reward the projects according to the following categories:

  • General Prizes:
    • It press Entrepreneur
    • It press social Economics and solidària
  • Prizes according to professional sectors:
    • It press Energy, sustainability and environment
    • It press Health, sport and welfare
    • It press Education, culture and leisure
    • Prize Hoteleria and tourism
    • It press Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation
    • Prize ICIL- Logistic Management

At modes of June of the 2020 will take place the act of delivery of prizes (pending to concretise place and date) and the terms of presentation of the candidatures are:

  • First phase: Preinscripció of the projects and participants. Until the day 18 of March of the 2020 (included)
  • Second phase: Presentation of the projects. Until the day 7 of May of the 2020 (included)

Download the bases of the contest

Informative session

Novelties more excelled of this edition

Among which find the sessions of formation directed at educational of Company and Initiative Entrepreneur of centres of Barcelona and his metropolitan area, as well as also the new edition of the Prizes FPconsolida, which back project entrepreneurs with potential of future.

Day: 24 of January
Hour: 9:30 at 11:30
Place: Circle of Economics. C. Provence, 298
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2nd Annual Meeting Industrial Training Sector Committee

On November 28, 2019, the 2nd annual meeting of the Industrial Training Sector Committee (TSFI) was held. The committee was created in 2016 to promote industrial VT, in a context of transformation and digitalization of the industrial fabric by means of industry 4.0.

This meeting was held at the Learning and Innovation Campus of Teamlabs Barcelona, ​​where the LEINN degree in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation is certified by the University of Mondragón and recognized by the Ministry of Education within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

The work session was led by 3 “Leiners” who with the “Design Thinking” methodology addressed the challenges of the Industrial Training Sector Committee for 2020. 21 people from 15 organizations participated. The 1st annual meeting took place on March 7, 2019 with 37 people from 26 organizations. It established the two work initiatives to be carried out from the TSFI for the period 2019-2020.

MetròpolisFPLab: Results of innovation projects

The first edition of the MetròpolisFPlab project has been carried out throughout the 2018-19 school year in collaboration with the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and with the support of other local agents such as Innobaix, Port of Barcelona and the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia. More than 600 students from 33 VET centers have participated generating 426 ideas for the 8 challenges posed, with a total of 12 finalist projects and 6 winning teams.

On November 28, 2019, an award ceremony for winners of the 1st edition took place.

The six featured projects were the following : “Autocontrol” from centre Pàlcam por Autoterminal, ”Go Montmeló” from Escola Santísima Trinidad Circuito de Barcelona-Cataluña, “Esquitx” from INS Bonanova for aigues de Barcelona, “Co Building” from centers INS Esteve Terradas i Illa and INS Pedralbes.

Benchmarking: VET Management and dual VET international models

Last Friday, September 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Caixa Forum hosted the “Dual VET Management: The role of Cities and Local Governments” conference, promoted by the BCN Vocational Educación and Training Foundation and Barcelona Activa. The conference was inaugurated by Barcelona’s councilor of Culture, Education and Science, Mr Joan Subirats, Ms Montserrat Ballarín on behalf of Barcelona’s Metropolitan Àrea and the president of Catalonia’s VET Council, Mr Fabián Mohedano.

The main VET leaders of cities such as Montreal, Dublin, Espoo, Brussels and Munich participated in this conference. Their contributions focused on the different available models, successful initiatives and ways of influencing professional training and the VET dual system at the municipal level.

During the conference, a panel discussion was also organized in which the municipalities of Molins de Rei, Barcelona, ​​Cornellà de Llobregat, Viladecans and Granollers presented their experience and assessment regarding the dual training positions created within the same structure of their City halls.

This conference has attracted a great interest among the educational community and local authorities. It gathered some 300 attendees, mainly from municipalities and other administrations, training centers, companies and social agents.