Economic sectors and VET in the AMB. Industry 4.0 sector

These studies seek to analyze whether the curricula of vocational training programs are adequate to deliver the professional competencies required by the market. Several public policy guidelines are proposed to contribute to the efficiency of the vocational training system. Industry 4.0 is a strategic sector for the socioeconomic development of the city of Barcelona and its area of influence. It is a key moment to analyze the role of vocational training in driving the paradigm shift that Industry 4.0 represents.

The transformation and evolution of the industry will generate new, more stable and quality employment opportunities. The main objective of these studies is to assess the role of vocational training must play in this crucial sector. This publication has been coordinated and directed by the VET Observatory in collaboration with the Sectorial Table of Industrial Training within the framework of the 10th anniversary of the BCN Vocational Training Foundation.