In recent years, BCN Vocational Education and Training Foundation has strived to face the challenges and incorporate the opportunities that industry 4.0 can offer to Barcelona’s youth in terms of transforming the labour market and generating quality and future occupation.

In accordance to the perceived challenges, the Foundation created the first Sectoral board for mechanical production in 2013 that was later extended until 2016, when the Industrial Training Sectoral Board (TSFI) was established, which includes a greater number of strategic agents and occupational fields.

The Industrial Training Sectoral Board (TSFI) is made up of more than 35 members representing VET centers, companies, unions, employers, technology centers, institutions and organizations that meet twice a year with the aim of promoting Barcelona ​​and its metropolitan area as an industrial node of competitive companies based on talent.

TSFI’s objectives for 2019-2020 are two folded:

  1. Involving industrial enterprises in the training of teachers and VET students
  2. Promoting guidance, counseling, and propagation of VET opportunities in the industrial sector to interest students, especially female students in STEAM programs

Composition of the Industrial Training Sectoral Board Committee 

One outcome of the work promoted by the Industrial Training Sector Board is the 2017 study “Emerging economic sectors and VET in Barcelona metropolitan region: industry 4.0 sector.” The study explores which VET profiles can better suit the needs of and provide opportunities for industry sector 4.0.

Also, 6 videos were produced to be used as guidance for primary, secondary, and high school education, some specifically  on Industry 4.0 and Dual VET.

The Industrial Training Sectoral Board and BCN Vocational and Education Foundation are placing especial emphasis on active gender policies for the industry so that more quality talent can be identify with an interest in the trade. For that purpose, one of the clippings has been specifically produced for industrial VET and gender.

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