More than 550 vocational training teachers have actively participated in the 9th VET Congress, organized by “FP Empresa” and “CaixaBank Dualiza”. All of them have promoted the new collaboration between VET centers and companies that will take place following the implementation of the VET law. The Congress took place at the Cidade da Cultura, Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela.

The discussions during these two days has been focused on the challenges that society will have to face for the proper development of the new legislation, the role that business and trade union organisations will play to try to facilitate the training involvement of companies and the relationship with VET centres, as well as the role of business tutors in Dual training.

Els debats durant aquests dos dies s’han centrat en els reptes que la societat haurà d’afrontar per al desenvolupament adequat de la nova normativa, el paper que jugaran les organitzacions empresarials i sindicals per facilitar l’implicació formativa de les empreses i la relació amb els centres de formació, així com el rol del tutor o tutoressa empresarial en la formació dual.

The Minister of Culture, Education and Universities of Xunta de Galicia, Román Rodríguez, has stressed the importance of companies’ confidence in the VET, stating that “business will have to rely even more on the VET” with the introduction of the new law that dualises all training. Rodríguez has also emphasized that “business trust Vocational Education and Training initiatives to recruit professional resources to expand the workforce”, as 85% of students who take up VET in Galicia find work immediately, and regarding dual training, the percentage reaches 100%.

Among the companies that were prominent participants in the congress were Iberdrola, Spain Nestlé and the Pescanova Group, which have highlighted their responsibility under the new regulations.