Adaptation of VET to the needs of Terrassa

The VET Monitor has carried out a study on the suitability of VET for the productive fabric of the town of Terrassa.

Data on the initial VET system and employment have been analyzed, as well as emerging professional challenges and profiles – or those requiring new skills – in 17 of the 24 different professional categories with employment opportunities in Catalonia.

This study has been possible thanks to the participation of local agents in the educational, economic and know-how environments. Particularly important was the involvement of the Department of Studies and the city Monitor of the town of Terrassa. Other significant participants are: Terrassa City Council, Chamber of Commerce, CCOO, CECOT,  CET s. XX, Tarrassa VET Council, COPCISA, Department of Education of the Government of Catalunya, Estamp Spain, Labor Development Council of Terrassa, Terrassa Hotel Association, Terrassa Textile Association, Caballo Bernat Institute, Nicolau Copernicus Institute, Santa Eulàlia Institute, Terrassa Institute, Lamp Lighting, Mutua de Terrassa, Products Additives, San Domènec Savio – Salesianos of Terrassa, City Studies and Monitor Service. Terrassa City Council