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  • If you want to study Initial Vocational Education and Training in Barcelona and its metropolitan area you have at your disposal a set of resources so that you can becomes informed and get advise on  more than 238 different specialties offered in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona in its 198 public centers, private or semiprivate.
  • If you are currently an active worker and want to train in a specialty that can help you improve your technical and transversal skills, you can access the Vocational Training for Occupation aimed at cover the needs of people with employment.


  • If you are unemployed, you want to insert yourself in the labor market and you are looking for a theoretical-practical training, specialized and adapted to your needs, you can access the different programs offered by the Vocational Training for Occupation aimed at the unemployed.


  • If you are between 16 and 21 years old, you have not obtained the Compulsory Second Education degree and you want to choose the option of vocational training, you can access a Training and Insertion Program ( PFI), which will provide you with the necessary skills to access the job market or to continue with your training.

To become acquainted with the 28 different specialties offered in the 174 centers or entities of Barcelona’s entire demarcation or province, you can access the VET Guide and look for all the information related to these studies of your interest.

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I’m a vocational and education training student

If you are a VET student enrolled in one of the Centers or Institutes of Barcelona and its metropolitan area you will have the possibility of choosing different projects and resources offered directly by the Foundation:

  • An Erasmus + and / or Youth Guarantee SCHOLARSHIP for a stay abroad, where you will do internships in one of the European cities of The VET Network (consult your center or institute).
  • If you are considering an entrepreneurial project, you can present it to the FPemprèn Awards, the act of public recognition of the best business projects of middle and upper grade students in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona.
  • If you are a VET student or ex-student and have a business project in the initial phase that you want to give the necessary momentum to make it grow, you can participate in the  FPconsolida Awards and access one of the largest European networks of active entrepreneurs that will accompany you in your project for 2-3 years in a totally free mentoring experience valued at € 60,000.