October 2023 ends with an increase in the number of people unemployed in Barcelona: 62,414, 1% more than in September. At the same time, however, contracting has continued along the path of growth that began in September, with a notable rise during the month of October: a growth of 20.3% in the city of Barcelona (with 79,619 contracts in the last month, 16,181 more than the previous month) and 1.1% in the rest of the Metropolitan Area.

As for contracting: it has experienced an increase of 20.3% in October, continuing the ascent started in September (31.5%). However, the 79,619 contracts in October in the city of Barcelona are 2.5% less than in the same month of 2022. The group that has been most positively affected has been the one of people aged 45 and over (24.2%), and what has grown at a lower rate, although equally remarkable, is the one of people aged 25 to 29 (15.4%). In relation to the training level, the most benefited profiles have been those with VET training, with a growth of 43.8% for professionals with Initial VET degrees, and with a rise of 34.7% for those with Higher VET degrees. Finally, most of the hiring was temporary (56.6%) and, at the same time, this was the type of hiring that led to the increase compared to the previous month.

With regard to unemployment: Unemployment rises by 1% in October 2023 compared to September, with 622 people unemployed. This increase has affected both men and women alike, who have followed the average pace of the city. The rise in the number of unemployed people affects all age groups, with rhythms relatively similar to the city average.

Regarding the economic activities of reference in Barcelona, the only one that in the last month has decreased its number of unemployed people is education (-3.3%). On the contrary, the activities that have increased the most in number of unemployed are services of buildings and gardening (4%) and food and beverage (2.2%). The rest of the groups are closer to the average values of the city.

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