On Tuesday 13 October 2021, Day of Lovelace, at 19h in the CosmoCaixa, the 7th edition of the Women’s Prizes was held, promoted by the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital Policies and Territories, in collaboration with the Catalan Institute of Women, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Women Observatory and the Tertúlia Digital Association.
These awards have the dual objective of recognising the fundamental role of women in the professional, business and academic world of new technologies, and offering concerning girls and adolescents who doubt whether or not to devote themselves to STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in the future.
Eight women and two business initiatives have been awarded the prize for this year. In the category of top FP TIC students the winner 2021 is Sara Puig Cabruja, a student of the double-developing master’s degree. website and media (DAW and DAM) in Jesuits The Clot of Barcelona.
The Foundation participates as a member of the jury of this prize and congratulates students on the awarding of all previous editions.

Sara Puig Cabruja
Jesuïtes El Clot, BarcelonaCFGS DAM and DAW
Agnes Malé
Institut Esteve Terrades and Illa, Cornellà de LL.ASIX-Ciberse CFGS
Anna Dacosta
Institut Esteve Terrades and Illa, Cornellà de LL. ASIX-Ciberse CFGS
Cristina Martin Planelle
Coma Forest Institute, OlotCFGS DAM and DAW
Marina Blasco
Institutn chez Institute of Labour, Barcelona CFGS Telecommunications and Information Systems

Women registered in VET cycles account for 9%, employment inclusion in this professional family is 98.92%, a sector that has very well resisted the pandemic that has created jobs and will create a lot of jobs over the next few years, therefore work will have to be done to attract more young people and, above all, more girls to these professional studies, a challenge that is challenging us all (families, schools, businesses, institutions, government, etc.).