The Plan for Measuring Innovation in Vocational Training it’s a project that promotes values on experimentation, key competencies and teamwork and  it’s guided by the improvement of educational success and the labor insertion. Currently there are 11 editions of the plan, where more than 700 innovational projects have participated, and 363 have benefited economically. Thanks to the support of the AMB and ours, more than 5,000 VET students have been able to take part in these projects.

This May we have run a campaign to visualize some of the projects promoted in recent editions; The Rambla Prim Institute team presented a buoy project capable of sampling microplastics in marine and inland waters.

The Guillem Catà Institute in Manresa is promoting the setting up of a textile quality control laboratory, and Anna Gironella’s team uses virtual reality to make students aware of the importance of occupational hazards before starting work practices.

The proposal of the Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia Institute, in Sant Joan Despí, promotes that students accompany the health staff of the CAPs in home care, to learn about this type of intervention.And in the same way, more than 350 projects of the Demarcation of Barcelona have become reality thanks to the Plan of Measures, a project that does not stop growing!