The FPconsolida awards offer VET entrepreneurs business support to help them consolidate their projects. With the incorporation of the Department of Education to the alliance between Netmentora Catalunya and the BCN Professional Training Foundation, the aim is to expand the scope and access to teachers and entrepreneurs from all over Catalonia. 

As a novelty, the awards will remain open throughout the year and during the Entrepreneurship Night of the BCN Professional Training Foundation, the selected projects will have a dissemination space to publicize their companies and to reach VET students who have the restlessness of undertaking. The business support of FP projects is led by Netmentora Catalunya, the largest European network of business leaders. The objective is to provide free support for entrepreneurial VET projects and tools to consolidate themselves through the experience of the main business leaders of the Catalan territory, who contribute their knowledge to respond to the challenges presented by entrepreneurial initiatives. During 4 months a first follow-up is carried out,  where they study the viability, potential of the business model and the needs of the entrepreneur, connecting them with references and company experts who will help them. If the initiative is solid enough, this accompaniment process can be extended up to 2 years. The objective is to help consolidate projects through the exchange of knowledge and collective intelligence, while introducing entrepreneurs to a dynamic based on reciprocity and network growth. Thanks to this initiative, the aim is to contribute to the development of the Catalan economic fabric and the creation of employment from VET. That is why teachers also have a key role in detecting projects with potential and encouraging entrepreneurial students to carry them out. To apply, you can do it through this link.