It is essential that students have information about the professional prospects of the courses they will take when choosing studies. 

The professions with the highest demand in the labor market and the highest salary are those related to Computer Science and Technology (IT), either with vocational training or university studies. 

Women are still highly underrepresented in technology studies, which are the ones with the highest demand and the best salary prospects. 

 The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Infojobs, a job search web portal, jointly present for the second consecutive year “The professions most in demand and with the highest remuneration in Catalonia”, coinciding with the period of choice of secondary and undergraduate studies university of Catalan students.  

The objective of this report is to make available to students, their families and people who are looking for a job, objective data on the job vacancies offered in the labor market according to field and educational level, and the salaries associated with these vacancies. This information should be used so that young people can choose their future training with more knowledge about the real demand of the Labor Market for the chosen option and its salary expectations. The objective is not to direct the students to study towards what they do not want, but rather that those doubting have all the information available to make the best decision. 

The information that has been used to make this report are the vacancies managed by Infojobs in Catalonia during 2019 and 2020, so the impact of the Covid-19 crisis only affects partially the data presented. Despite the fact that the health crisis is having an important effect on the demands of work in some occupations, it is also true that it is driving demand in others, therefore, it could be indicative of the trends that can characterize the Labor Market in a post-pandemic world. In fact, we observe how some of the mismatches between supply and demand are worsening due to Covid-19, especially in the case of professionals with training in ICT studies, whether they are VET or university, due to the increase in vacancies in this area . A gap that cannot be corrected without a greater participation of women in these formations. For this reason, this report is complemented with a specific analysis of female participation in technology-related studies, which are the ones with the highest demand and best salary prospects today.