On April 25, the Accelerator workshop of the MetropolisFPLab6 was held at the Citilab of Cornellà.

The workshop was attended by the 45 teams that were selected by the 13 companies and institutions who launched the challenges and collaborated in the 6th edition of the program this year. The participating companies and institutions utilized this workshop to support and motivate their teams in the final stages of the program.

We are extremely grateful for the dedication and hard work of these companies and institutions, and particularly for the effort and commitment of the more than 350 teams who showed interest in participating in this open innovation program. From this large pool of applicants, 45 teams were chosen to participate in the Accelerator workshop, and from there, approximately 26-30 teams will be selected to present and defend their proposals before the jury.

We wish all the participating teams the best of luck in the final stages of the program!