We have held the award ceremony for the finale of MetropolisFPLab. In this 5th edition, we broke the record of participants: 13 companies, more than 40 centres, more than 360 teams and more than 1400 students. At the final ceremony of the prizes, held at the Provençana Institute from l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, more than 120 people attended, a success! 
It is a project that is constantly growing, increasingly and more innovative, including more sectors, more companies and more centres. It has been a great satisfaction to see the enthusiasm with which all parties participate and experience the project. Again, an undoubted demonstration of the talent in the VET. Compliments to all participants, and congratulations to the winners of this edition.

The winners of the MetropolisFPlab edition are:

1MesoesteticHow can we find solutions to reduce the digital divide of our workers against new automatic production lines?Arnau CasanovaDAWtomaticos (Escola del Treball)Barcelona3Sergio Hortas Lijó

Adrián Vico

Aaron Belayni Moreno
Dani Triano
2ArquimaHow could we make better use of the different types of wooden waste to have a greater economic performance?Alan GutiérrezProvenworks (Ins Provençana)Hospitalet de Llobregat3Iván Romero

David Llusà

Darwin Padilla
Paco Sánchez
3Audens FoodHow could we make a second use of the left over flour from the production processes in order to use it in the current value chain?Beatriz Sotorrío

Jaume Montes
Pequeño ayudante de santa claus (Ins Severo Ochoa)Esplugues de Llobregat5Alex Dorador

Pere Homero Marmol

Mireia García

Judith Mena

Yesenia Salazar
Maria Martínez
4Marina Barcelona 92How can we create a system that centralizes demands for the use of the dron, defines the routes that it has to go through, and that sorts the waste that it collects?Marc HervásMAOA (Ins La Ferreria)Montcada i Reixac4Marc Barrio

Andrés Criado

Alex Buenaventura

Óscar Rivera
Susana Pérez
5Aigües de BarcelonaHow can we reduce water consumption and ensure good supply in all areas in order to deal with drought?Pere VergerNew Wave (Escola del Treball)Barcelona3Andru Colque García

Shariel Estremadoiro Gongora

Estefany huanca martinez
Enric Garcia

Mercè Camarassa
6Port de BarcelonaHow can we rethink the “Port Vell” (Old Port) public spaces for them to be more environmentally sustainable considering climate change and the energy crisis?Javier RomoARQUA (Ins Provençana)Hospitalet de Llobregat4Nerea Ortega

Marc Villegas

Christian Yacila

Luis Steven Sanguña
Paco Sánchez
7Pla Estratègic Metropolità (PEMB)How can we get young people to know and interact with other parts of the Barcelona metropolitan area that are not in their neighbourhood or city?Lluïsa GuàrdiaEQUIP 8 TARDA (Ins Poblenou)Barcelona3Nadine Alonso

Irene Perez Planells

Paula Canongia Mejía
Ana Martínez
8Hospital del MarHow could we apply e-health tools to reduce the incidences that appear during the maneuvers of an in-hospital cardiorespiratory arrest?Cristina Campà

Laia Lacueva
D.A.D.C (Ins Bonanova)Barcelona4Chainaz Lahboub

Daihana Insaurrlde

Alba Sánchez

Dure Shahwar
Àlex Monnà
9Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZF)How can we succeed in attracting female talent to the industrial sector?Raquel GarciaMariners (Prat Educació)Barcelona4Arnau Sanchez Mas

Juan Manuel Restrepo

Daniel Arranz Manchón

Mireia Batista
Sònia Menéndez
10Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaHow can we improve digitization in the management of Circuit spaces (such as hospitality spaces, boxing track rentals, parking spaces, etc.)?Erica MandomeInclusive Gas (EMT Granollers)Granollers4Pol Galvez

Marc Alcaide

Youssef N’sairi

Joan Morales
Eva Tàpia
11Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB)How can we improve TMB communication when there are cuts of service on subway lines to make people know the reasons and the possible alternatives?Bernat Fernandez

Jesús Alegre
Creative User (Escola del Treball)Barcelona3Raúl Domínguez

Helen Anaïs Gualli

Daniela Chirinos
Alex Sànchez

Cecilia Sales
12Consorci Sanitari del MaresmeHow could we improve the experience of patients in health center rooms to bring more value to the wait they have to carry out?Jana Cela

Rosa Monteis
Napal (Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu)Sant Boi de Llobregat3Alexia Alvarez i Martin

Naiara Goñi

Paula Redondo
María Montes