On Friday, July 1, the closing ceremony of the Metropolis FPLab, 4th edition, took place at the school and center of FP Antoni Alguerí in Sant Just d’Esvern.

The project brings together the metropolitan talent of VET and the most innovative companies in Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area. We opened the event with Joan Basaganyas, Mayor of Sant Just d’Esvern, Montserrat Ballarín, Vice President of the Social and Economic Development Area of ​​the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and Immaculada Font, Director of the Vocational Training Center of the Antoni Algueró School.

The event continued with the testimonies of three companies that have been part of the project; the company GPAInnova and the Consortium of the Zona Franca explained their experience as new additions to this edition and in TMB, which have accompanied us since the first edition highlighted the growth of the project.

Finally, the winning projects of this edition were recognized. Winners will receive a scholarship to carry out their project.

The winners of the 4th edition of the Metropolis FPLab are:

1. BCN Agenda2030 Challenge: Team Bonanova, from the Bonanova Institute.

2. Aigües Barcelona Challenge: Abrint Camí, from the Barcelona School of Labor.

3. LUPA Challenge: Ferretech, from the Institut la Ferreria.

4. Port of Barcelona Challenge: Waste Avangers, from the Narcís Monturiol Institute.

5. Arquima Challenge: VISWÁRKARMA of the Provençal Institute.

6. MB92 Challenge: ECO Team of the Joan Brossa Institute.

7. TMB Barcelona Challenge: Origami, from the Barcelona School of Work.

8. Circuit Challenge of Catalonia: Montmeló Kids, by Francesc Ferrer i Guardia.

9. ICO Network: MAKILA, from the Bonanova Institute.

10. Challenge pembarcelona: CPZ of the Esteve Terradas and Isla Institute.

11. Innova GPA Challenge: Black Hawk of the Barcelona School of Labor.

12. Zona Franca Consortium Challenge: Zonwomen of the Mercè Rodoreda Institute.

The closing of the event was led by Anna Hernandez of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

From the Foundation, we congratulate again all the winners and all the gear of the metropolis for making it possible. Until next year!