From the RECE Network "State Network of Educating Cities", which the Barcelona City Council is part of, it is possible to create thematic networks promoted by different cities of the Spanish State that are part of the network. One of them is "the city that educates in training and employment", promoted by the City Council of Malaga. 
The main objective is to contribute to the improvement of the employability and the quality of the citizens´ employment. This will allow the improvement of the society, the creation of new opportunities and the improvement of the quality of life.

On the 22nd of September we had the second meeting of the network where it was decided what the work plan would be. To facilitate the task, working groups were assigned and, by delegation from the City Council of Barcelona, the Foundation will form part of the group "creating a training and employment forum" where will be an exchange of information and documentation about the regulated and non-regulated supply and the needs and professional profiles demanded by the business fabric. 
Here you can contribute all the experience of Barcelona Activa and the FP Observatory. The next meeting in person will be in Malaga on the 11th of November.