The group mobility project promoted by the BCN Vocational Training Foundation aims to improve employability and promote the employment of young graduates in vocational training through:

  • A language training in German (level 0 to B1).   
  • 5 visits to companies of the AMB.   
  • 10 social, cultural and civic activities.   
  • 1 individual tutoring per month.   
  • 6-week professional internship programme in Germany (2,184€ grant).   
  • Work contract for training and learning of around 12 months with a German company (salary from 1,600€ to 2,200€ per month, depending on the sector).
  • Approval of the Catalan vocational training qualification in Germany (scholarship of 440€ that requires co-financing by the participant).

All the criteria and the timetable are here.

We are looking for young people from 18 to 29 years old, just like Pau, to participate in the project. (see his video of the experience here)

Young people interested must register for one of the information sessions that we will do during the months of November 2023 and February 2024, through the following link: