MetròpolisFPlab is an innovation project jointly promoted by the Metropolitan Economic Development Agency of Barcelona Metropolitan Area and BCN Vocational Education and Training Foundation. It aims at assessing the talent of vocational training students, bringing it closer to the labor market, promoting the acquisition of key skills, and promoting students labor insertion through the methodology of open innovation in a real environment.

The project also has the support of the Catalan Public Employment Service within the framework of local development support programs.

This project aims at:

6th edition MetròpolisFPLab, 2023-24 academic year

MetropolisFPLab6 Bases (new edition!) Past the deadline.

On October 19th, 2023, an online presentation session was held to introduce the new edition of the MetropolisFPLab for the 2023-24 academic year. During the session, companies and institutions discussed new challenges, as well as provided details about the project’s characteristics and calendar. The session was recorded for future reference.

All the challenges of the MetropolisFPLab (2018-2024)

The challenges of the 6th edition (current edition)

New challenges!

The different companies and entities explain us the detaills from the challenge they have chosen for this edition, and contextualize it through a video. You can see them all bellow!

Consorci de Residus del Maresme: How can we separate and recycle the textile waste that we mostly throw away to mixed waste?

Hospital Clínic: What actions can we take to increase awareness and decrease the health problems associated with childhood and youth obesity?

Mesoestetic: How can we create a system to evaluate and select improvement proposals from operators or technicians?

GPA Innova: How can we increase the collection capacity of hydrocarbons and floating solids in a surface marine robot?

Institut de Ciències del Mar: In coastal communities, how can we reduce environmental impact and regenerate the coastline, the coastal ecosystem and the marine ecosystem?

Port de Barcelona: How can we visually represent the logistics chain of the Port of Barcelona?

Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZF): How can we make Zona Franca an industrial estate that is friendly, easy to access and work for everyone?

Marina BCN 92: How can we repurpose plastic pellets from shipyard recycling?

Aigües de Barcelona: How can we integrate and adapt different spaces and buildings in our city as future climate shelters within the reach of citizens?

Universal Robots: How can we use robotics and AI to aid elderly people with reduced mobility and dependency?

Resol: How can we design new outdoor furniture using recycled plastic?

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya: How can we create a tool to manage maintenance breakdowns and incidents at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya?

Grup Ametller Origen: How can we create an intelligent hydroponic irrigation system that maximizes efficiency?


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